Buddy Poppies (Memorial Day week)

From its inception, the Buddy Poppy Program has helped the VFW live up to its motto, "to honor the dead by helping the living." The Buddy Poppy - small red flower symbolic of the blood shed in World War I by millions of Allied soldiers in defense of freedom - was originally sold to provide relief for the people of war devastated France . Later, its sale directly benefited thousands of disabled and down-and-out American veterans.  

For those of you who do not know, our post members take shifts at Tops in East Aurora (or other places in town) and stand/sit out front at the entrances asking people if they would like a Buddy Poppy in lieu of making a donation.  I have found over the few years of doing this that people in the community are very generous with donations.  We raise several thousand dollars for our VFW Post over these few days.   Typically we start asking for "donations" on Wednesday before Memorial Day weekend and finish up on Sunday.  Please help us and donate a hour or ten (or whatever you can).  Post members seem to do shifts of about two hours.  At next month's meeting, Bill Wright will have a sign-up sheet for times and dates of your availability.